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healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyles include: "go out socializing less, go home to eat more", "young people don't stay up late", "make learning a lifestyle" ... The World Health Organization states that 100% health is 60% lifestyle +17 % Environment + 15% genetics + 8% health services.

Go out to socialize less, go home to eat more

Eating at home is not as high as salt and oil when eating out, helping to control weight and prevent many chronic diseases. Three or five small stir-fried dishes with meat, eggs, and vegetables, as well as a few grains of five kinds of food, with a variety of foods, balanced nutrition, fresh and hygienic.

It ’s not just the body that benefits from going home to eat. I ’ve been busy for a day, and I ’m happy or unhappy. Share it with your family. Talking about family chores with your lover, talking about school fun and growing up with your children, meals at a table, and laughter all over the house. In the process of expression and listening, the mission of love and education has been achieved. In word-of-mouth teaching, the family style is also passed on silently.

Going home for dinner, communicating with your family, and interacting with your children is also a heritage of good family. Coming home for dinner and returning home is a blessing and a responsibility to the family.

Are you drunk all day and comfortable?

In "The Yellow Emperor's Canon", there are "take wine as pulp, delusion as usual, drunk to enter the house, to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its truth, I do not know how to hold it, from time to time, to be quick, and to rebel Yu Shengle's life is inextricably linked, so half of her life is lost, "she said. It is exactly the dangers of excessive drinking and a bad life.

The dangers of alcoholism include brain damage, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, liver, kidney, bones and joints.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 100,000 people die from alcoholism in China every year. Former Deputy Minister of Health Yin Dakui said that drinking alcohol once is equivalent to suffering from mild hepatitis, and many fatty livers are alcohol-toxic fatty liver.

So, what kind of drinking is the right amount? The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016) states that children, adolescents, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should not drink alcohol. Adults, such as alcohol, drink alcohol in a day: no more than 25 grams for men and no more than 15 grams for women.

Make reading a lifestyle

"Reading is Lide." Reading can cultivate the body and mind, and it is the best way for a nation to cultivate its morality.

Set aside time for exercise

Exercising can keep you healthy and help you work more efficiently. We each need to find a balance between work and rest. This will energize us and help us work better.

Young people don't always stay up all night

"It's a sunrise, it's a day's income", this is a beautiful life chanted in the ancient folk song "Song of the Earth".

The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to three American scientists, and the mechanism of the biological clock they discovered further revealed the harm to health caused by staying up late and disrupting the normal biological clock rhythm of the human body.

Zhang Bin, director and deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Sleep Research Association and director of the Department of Psychology and Psychology of Nanfang Hospital, said that staying up late, in addition to reducing the immune system's resistance to disease, will also increase the population's suffering from heart disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes, breast cancer, Risk of depression, stroke, etc. According to a World Health Organization survey, there are currently 89 diseases that are clearly related to sleep disorders.

Rather than extending work late into the night, schedule time more efficiently. Give your health back late at night and let efficiency linger during the day.

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